Program Management and Engineering Support

The NARMCO Group provides a corporate program management system, which is the center of NARMCO’s supports team to its customers and its manufacturing plants. NARMCO has committed Engineering, Program Management, Sales, Purchasing, Estimating, as a cross-functional team, that manages all new product launches and support services to our customer and NARMCO’s manufacturing facilities.

The NARMCO Corporate Management team is highly involved in the program management process and holds formal PPQR meetings to ensure that all disciplines are integrated into the launch of new programs and the demands of the customer are fulfilled.

Development & Design

We are your vertically integrated tool source. For over 20 years, NARMCO’s internal R&D center and automation group continues to manage, build, test and maintain all internal and external assembly and automation equipment for the corporation. In order to maintain our competitive advantage, NARMCO has an operating philosophy with a constant commitment to efficiency improvements.  We are committed to sustain the best use of capital dollars, while meeting the technological challenges associated to the varying advancement in the industry. NARMCO is committed to the use and implementation of advanced technologies to the continuous improvement of our manufacturing capabilities.   Our single source “Total Tool Management” process allows for: 

  • Cradle to Cradle Concept - Build - Production - Reuse/Reprocess           
  • Streamline decision making process and focus all necessary decisions to meet customers’ goals for cost, delivery and quality assurance.
  • Technological Commitment. 

NARMCO is committed to the introduction and implementation of new technology for the betterment of its customer and its processes.

Tool & Die

The NARMCO Group manufactures and supplies many of its own stamping dies and automated weld equipment. These facilities include the latest of equipment including high speed CNC milling machines, electric discharge machines (EDM), tryout presses, White Light Scanning and CMM layout machines.

These divisions supply production ready tooling and equipment to NARMCO and other Customers. As a full service vendor they provide a complete product which include design, build, tryout, and launch support, assuming total responsibility of the tool produced and the quality of the finished product.

These divisions also provide tool support services to NARMCO and their other Customers for engineering changes, contracted CNC machining, tool refurbishment, overseas program management,  try out, and launch support services for customers at NARMCO facilities or at their facilities.

Customer list

  • General Motors
  • Magna
  • Gestamp

Offload & Emergency Assist

The NARMCO Group strives to be a full service provider to our Customers in all aspects.Due to our strong commitment to capital investment in equipment, NARMCO processes some of the largest and widest array of equipment in North America, including crane lifting capacity up to 100,000 lbs. Combined with our ability to supply support services such as: project managers, tool engineers and die makers, weld technicians and logistic teams from our internal divisions, allows NARMCO to react immediately to our Customers needs. Our experienced management team has a long history of getting the job done for the Customer and having a seamless transaction and risk free event.