Stamping Dies, Fixtures & Automated Weld Equipment

The NARMCO Group has a wide range of stamping presses which include transfer presses, high speed automatic and blanking presses, robotic tandem press lines and progressive forming presses. Our stamping product mix includes body-in-white stampings, structural stampings, and heavy gauge frame components. NARMCO’s long history as a tool and die provider and stamper has continued to evolve with new materials such as high strength & Dual Phase materials, Ultra High Strength Steels, TRIP steels, laminated steel, and aluminum for weight reductions

Key Assets

  • Presses that range from 100 ton to 3500 ton
  • Fully robotic tandem press lines from 108” lines to 200” lines
  • Progressive and blanking presses with feed width to 72” and bed sizes to 192”x 84”
  • Single ram electronic transfer presses to 2000 ton – 240” x 108”
  • Dual ram electronic transfer presses up to 3500 ton – 216” x 216” x 108”
  • Link Drive Tandem Press Lines
  • Double Action Deep Draw Process

Key Products

  • Roof and Sun Roof Assemblies
  • Body Side Panels
  • Dash Panels
  • Floor Pans
  • A & B Exposed Class Body Panels
  • Rear Deck Panels
  • Various Body Structures Brackets
  • Control Arms
  • Wheelhouse Panels
  • Gas Tank Straps ( in line press welding )
  • Oil Pans / Transmission Pans