We are proud to be recognized as an Elite Supplier by our World-Class Customers.

Nissan: Nissan Diversity Certificate Winner, 2020
GM: Supplier Quality Excellence Award, 2013-2020
Toyota: Supplier Quality & Delivery 2007,2010-2020
GM CCA: Certificate of Excellence Platinum, 2013, 2014
Nissan: Quality Origin, 2012
GM: Supplier of the Year, 2011, 2012
NARMCO Quality – 1o Consecutive Years GM SQE Awards 2011-2021
GM CCA: Certificate of Excellence Platinum, 2012
Nissan: Supplier Quality-Outstanding FY10 Performance
GM: Best Practices Recognition, 2011
Chrysler: Outstanding Performance, 2010
Volkswagen Quality award 1989
Daimler Chrysler Superior Performance supplier 1999
APMA leader in The Canadian Automotive Parts Industry
Mitsubishi Supplier Award 2006,2007,2008
Mitsubishi Motors North America Zero Defect Performance 2008,2011
Member of The Canadian Manufacturers’ Association
Ford Q1 Preferred Quality Status 2003
Team Leadership Award 2003
University of Windsor Internship component of the Master of Mechanical Engineering Automotive Program 2012
Nissan zero defects certificate 2007
Toyota Supplier Diversity Performance 2012
2015 - Mitsubishi Silver Award
2017-18 Nissan Supplier Diversity
FCA Outstanding Quality 2014
FCA Outstanding Quality Award 2018
Quality Achievement Award 1998-2000