Headquartered in Windsor, Ontario, NARMCO’s manufacturing operations stretch throughout the western hemisphere. NARMCO’s nine plants are organized into three divisions.

The Canadian Division

The NARMCO Group is a proud Canadian company. Located from Guelph to Windsor, NARMCO has five manufacturing facilities, two tool and die as well as one automation operation in Southern Ontario.


The American Division

Prince Metal Stampings’ three plants are strategically located within a four-hour drive of many key automotive manufacturers. Since opening its doors in 2004, Prince has expanded to include two new manufacturing bays, sub-assemblies, and an expansive electro-coating operation.

The Mexican Division

Located in the heart of Mexico, NARMX has a logistical advantage when it comes to supplying customers throughout the country. The two NARMX plants in Queretaro are elite suppliers of top-quality stampings, roll forming, assemblies, e-coat, and powder coatings.